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I was a curious child and spent a lot of time reading, writing poetry, journaling and making “fan books” of my favorite rock bands.

I didn’t follow a perfectly straight line growing up. I excelled in social sciences, became friends with my teachers in high school and felt things deeply. I carried out a fairly normal existence and made forward progress in life despite the emotional storms that were going on inside of me. The world was overwhelming and I had few allies.

I had been interested in psychology since I was a young. Following the fire in my belly, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Counseling and Art Therapy. Yet, the Universe had other plans for me. About a year after I completed my graduate degree I experienced an “identity crisis” that hit me hard and fast.

The Journey Took a Different Turn

At the end of 2007, the cosmic two-by-four found me. I was completely shaken from a half-awakened existence by the cracking of my marriage and a desperate internal conflict about my place in the world. I knew how to put myself together and appear to be happy. Yet, I felt the void in my heart even more than I ever had.

As I was going through another wave of this intense purification, I discovered my ability to tap into higher wisdom. In a moment of high stress, I had gotten on my computer to journal and accidentally channeled a message that calmed my emotional body down. I didn’t understand what it was but saved it. I started channeling for others a year after that day.

Focusing on a Purpose…

In 2013, I experienced a true heartbreak when I heard a thump on my heart. As I climbed back up from that point, I learned about self-love, healing, forgiveness, and the process of transformation.

Relationships have been the most challenging area of my life and it is also where my most visible growth has been. I see relationships as fertile grounds for personal and spiritual growth. We find out who we are in relationships but grow in solitude. These two opposing forces (needs) are embedded in the nature of relationships. This makes them exciting but sometimes painful.

I help those who are where I have been. I help people ride through the rough waves in their relationships and their lives and become more authentically themselves than they have ever been before. I help those who have been carrying their burdens by themselves far too long.

I would love to have the opportunity to help you transform whatever is bothering you right now into more personal power, authentic presence, soul confidence, and a legacy to leave behind. You may be closer than you think…

I look forward to crossing paths with you.

With love and gratitude,