Hi, My name is Banu.

Born prematurely at 6.5 months, I did not have the easiest landing on the planet. My life has been more like a Morse code letter that I continue downloading from the Universe.

I faced many challenges growing up and survived many wounds. This is what propelled me to seek ways to find relief from my pain.

I have a dual Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy. My work comes from all I have learned, studied, and tried while trying to heal myself. I don’t work alone- I rely on a power greater than me to bring in what you need to free your soul.

In 2013, I experienced a true heartbreak, lost everything I had- including people I cared about- and was launched into my ‘dark night of the soul’ through a near-death break-up. Building from that rock bottom gave me some insights about healing, forgiveness, self-love, and transformation. I want nothing more than to use them to help you move up in your life.

There is a special uniqueness coded into your soul ONLY YOU can express. I can help remove what stands in the way and cultivate what emerges.

Contributing to your greatness not only my gift but it is my greatest joy.

Come as you are. Get what you need and desire. Then pass it on to make the world a better place.

I look forward to helping heal what keeps you from being in full bloom.