Hi, My name is Banu Sekendur.

Born prematurely at 6.5 months, my life has been more like a Morse code letter from the Universe that I continue downloading. I learn and grow every day.

I am a WORK IN PROGRESS and am far from perfect. I continue to run into pieces of my life to turn into more forgiveness, more compassion, and more love. I am willing.

I am a SEER. I see that special divine quality in everyone, and I have a permanent itch that propels me to cultivate it. I start by helping remove what keeps your soul from expanding.

I am told that I am WISE. Maybe because I have avoided learning my lessons to the last minute just like I did with my homework in high school. I know how it feels to feel powerless, less than, fearful, and completely lost. My wisdom comes with compassion and respect for your soul’s path.

I am SOFT but can be BOLD. I protect the weak. I stand up for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

I am a PROTECTOR. I protect and respect mother nature and animals.

I am a WISH-MAKER. You tell me where you want to go; I will use my heart as a gateway to bring in what you need. All that you can handle. Towards all that YOU can be.

I have a dual Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and Art Therapy. My work comes from all I have learned and studied while trying to heal myself. I don’t work alone- I rely on a power greater than me to bring in what you need.

There is a special uniqueness coded into your soul ONLY YOU can bring out.

I can help remove what stands in the way and cultivate what emerges. No matter where you are, your status, your situation, your race, your age or gender- you are all equal in my heart and deserve to live your own soul’s highest expression.

Contributing to your greatness is my greatest joy.

Come as you are. Get what you need and desire. Then pass it on to make the world a better place.

At your service,