Hi, I am Banu.

I am a recovering ANOMALY. My life has been more like a Morse Code letter from the sky that I continue downloading. I learn and grow every day. I don’t fit into molds. But then I do.

I am a WORK IN PROGRESS, continuing to run into pieces of her life to into more forgiveness, more compassion, and more love. I am far from perfect.

I am a SEER: I see that special divine quality in everyone, and I have a permanent itch that wants to cultivate it. I start by helping you remove what keeps your soul from expanding.

I am told that I am WISE. Maybe because I have avoided learning my lessons to the last minute just like I did with my homework in high school. Experience is just a fancy word for multiple failures.

I am SOFT but can be BOLD to the bone.  I protect the weak. I stand up for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

I protect and respect mother nature and animals. I owe it to the land I owe my life to.

I am a WISHMAKER. You tell me where you want to go, and I will move mountains and use my heart as a gateway bring you need. All that you can handle. Towards all that you can be.

I am HAPPIEST when I can help someone overcome a hurdle that has held them back far too long. Contributing to your greatness is MY joy.


There is greatness coded into your being only you can bring out. I can help remove what stands in the way and cultivate what emerges. No matter where you are, your status, your situation, your race, your age or gender- you are all worthy in my heart.

Come as you are. Get what you need. Then pass it on to make the world a better place.

At your service,