The Split Between the Heart and the Mind

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How do we heal the split between the heart and the mind?

The mind is the bank of all our decisions and all our experiences. It works for our survival. The heart’s job is to help us with our soul expansion. The heart always points in the direction of love, growth, and oneness. The heart knows how to choose love over fear. The mind attaches to fear in order to stay safe.

The heart says,  “Go for it. They need your gifts.”

The mind says, “Do you know how many massage therapists are out there? I can’t survive in this economy as a small business owner.”

We believe the mind. The risk feels too big. We go take a job to pay the bills and stay safe. Yet our heart sits in the corner, pouting. Nothing feels right. Bills are paid. We’ve got cable and internet. But something feels missing.

The battle between the desires of our heart and the fears of our mind has been the cause of a lot of suffering for us. When we don’t let the mind become a servant to the heart, we live with a sense of dissatisfaction. We look for the missing piece in other people. Lovers, especially. When the missing piece is the honoring of our own heart.

There is an alignment meditation from A Course in Miracles that I am remembering this morning as I type this post. When I follow this guidance, my experience changes and I become more open to life.

(Ask the Universe):

Where would you have me go?

What would you have me do?

Who would you have me be?

What would you have me say? And to whom?

When we are willing to be with these questions with a sense of curiosity and allow our heart to speak, the split temporarily disappears. The pain subsides. And if we take action based on what we hear, the space and time between those “split attacks” get longer and less intense.

We don’t need to reject the mind altogether. We just need to find ways to distract it from believing that every bit of change is the end of the world. And take a deep breath before letting it make our life decisions. 

What does the heart/mind battle look like for you? How do you find your way back to your own truth?