Divine Justice vs Ego Justice

I was delayed in writing this post. Since it was meant to be an “end of year review” kind of post, it chronologically belonged in December. But I wasn’t done processing. Goes to show us, man-made time and our soul’s timing are not the same. The material needed to brew in me a little longer. As I processed the year in the back of my mind for the last two weeks, I could recognize certain patterns and how I respond to them differently.

2018 has brought big lessons for me around energetic safety and not retaliating when I feel attacked or receive some kind of negative energy. This has been tougher than I thought it would be. All three lessons I share here are connected and are different facets of my growing maturity around topics of safety and personal freedom.

After a period of feeling victimized by the negativity, disapproval, envy, competition or any other “low vibration” energy that was being flooded into my energy field, I got mad. I started reacting and sending the energy back. In a short amount of time, it turned into a police car chase in a low-budget action movie. Not fun.

When I realized that being in battle mode wasn’t helping anything I was able to see what I was doing to add to the problem. A change in perception was in order. I was finally willing.

I reclaimed by heart’s intention: I wanted peace. I did not want war.

Since we are all one, I started with visualizing the people who have some kind of grievance towards me happy, healthy, enjoying their life with friends and abundance. I prayed for their well-being and that they find the power of love in their hearts. I wished the same kind of peace on them that I wish for myself.

I used to think that compassion would weaken me in the face of an adversary (in theory). Instead, I found a miracle. Wanting and praying the best for others only increases our spiritual immunity and personal energy. Because this way, we align ourselves with the intention of the Universe: growth and happiness for all.

Our words of positive wishes and intentions for them allow us to receive the very thing we wish on them- even makes us “susceptible” to it. In a good way. On the same token, wishing badly on others, condemning their success, gossiping about them etc., create pathways for energies like that to come find us. They create what I call “psychic debt”. And we have no control over how or when it gets paid. So, better not to create it from the get-go.

Divine Justice vs Ego Justice

This one is linked to the one above. Over the years, I have come to understand that choosing divine justice over ego justice is a tough but crucial step to take on our spiritual path. Ego justice is when we take the matters into our hands and try to plot a revenge or wish for a tit-for-tat scenario to relieve the sting of betrayal (or injustice) as we perceive it. We will all get betrayed because we are all human. So this lesson pertains to everyone.

My lesson was to trust divine justice and give the situation to a Higher Power (of my own definition). Taking things into my hands has cost me my energy among other earth-level things. I think that loss of peace of mind is the biggest bankruptcy of all. Keeping that peace comes with hefty bills to our ego- the part of us that wants to manage the whole Universe, let alone other people’s destiny. There is no peace without surrender.

I use prayer as a lead into surrender. I say “lead into” because surrendering is a process, though it can feel as if it “just happened”. Aside from this, I truly believe in the power of prayer (Prayer definition: Words uttered with trust that a Higher Power is hearing and responding). I have seen it work instantly and even for big troubles - personally in my own life and for others. The more I communicate with the divine, the less scared I am of life and the situations I encounter. When I get to that place where I have lost my peace due to my perception of an injustice, I pray for justice to be restored and that I am open to receiving the blessings that were meant for me in other ways (a.k.a. The Law of Divine Compensation).

A Self-Love Decision: Choosing Peace over Conflict

As an ongoing self-love crusader, I came to an even deeper understanding about self-love this past year. Drum roll! Other than words of affirmation, encouragement, loving discipline, exercise, a balanced nutrition, etc, self-love is also about opting to choose peace as much as possible even when our ego wants a different outcome.

This one has been a challenge for me. One of the reasons for this is my personality and my ancestral bloodline. I am part Turkish (native) and part Greek. I am full blown Mediterranean! I have centuries of Spartan wars coded in my DNA. I can be reactive or even argumentative if I am pushed. Yet, I have learned that arguing with people or trying to convince those who are on a different wavelength than we are is a waste of energy- which is against self-love. Trying to make them “see” what they are probably unable to is a trip of my ego to distract me from a peaceful moment. This is where I have to stay aware.

Conflict is a natural part of life. We can’t always see eye to eye with others. I realized that conflict arises when:

1) People care about being right than communicating,

2) People don’t have effective communication skills (listening included),

3) They are arguing over an elephant in the room (an undisclosed problem).

4) I am trying to fit my belief system and values into someone else’s story and get upset that they won’t/can’t receive it. My bad.

5) Either of the parties are reacting from an old wound and projecting it onto the other person- thus demonizing the other (cutting off heart connection). No resolution can be made in this space. Divine intervention is needed.

If my feathers are ruffled, I think about which of these categories the situation falls in. This gives me some breathing room and a new perspective.

If peace is my number one priority, then my actions will follow that. No matter how clumsy it is, I feel like my efforts to restore or gain peace in any situation is rewarded by the Universe. It also increases my love and respect for myself. It increases my vibration.

What were your biggest lessons and challenges in 2018?

How can you look at these challenges from a different lens?

Share in the comments or drop me a line.

Happy 2019 everyone! May it bring the blessed changes you have been desiring.