Maybe Broken is the New Perfect...

The highest level of creation on this planet is reinventing oneself. Self-transformation is a messy, arduous, faith-testing, ego-crumbling, drawn-out event. Overnight transformation sounds cool but let's face it, it would scare us. Go to sleep as a caterpillar, wake up as a butterfly. How confusing would that be?

In my experience, one of the hardest aspects of change and transformation is the shame our darkness brings up in us as we discover it. Humans are more evolved than animals not because they have thumbs but because they have an ability to self-observe and see the patterns in their lives that hold them back. On top of that, they can change themselves.

This brings up the other challenge: renovating a store while it is still in business with customers coming in and out. Life doesn't wait for us to change into our Superman costume in the phone booth. We still have bills to pay, children to attend to, dry cleaning to pick up, family members and friends who need support and maybe a partner whose needs are more than we can provide for during our own inner re-construction. Yet, the transformation awaits.

Take a deep breath. You are not broken. Because if you are, so is the rest of us. So, you can't stand out.


What if we all are? Maybe broken is the new perfect. Maybe imperfect is the spiritual aphrodisiac that ignites our creativity. Maybe if we were not all a little broken, we would have no impetus to write, act, paint, sculpt, dance, sing or to beautify in some shape or form.

The body does not withhold love from a broken bone. The Universe does not void its love for us the second it realizes that we have inner work to do and pain to alchemize into wisdom. We do. Let's stop that now.

If there is only one resolution you make, let it be the elimination of self-rejection and the welcoming of self-compassion.

I think it's time we all took down the sign that says, "Must be perfect to be loved- by self, the Universe or others" and replaced it with one that says, "Love lives here. Broken or not".