On a Financial Roller-Coaster? Read This.

Sometimes no matter how hard we work and whatever we try, we can’t seem to get out of the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck or hitting a minus balance in our bank account. Experiencing financial scarcity is a huge energy drain. It can take away our joy and create a sense of general dissatisfaction in life. It can even erode our self-confidence, which then feeds a perpetual scarcity loop that can be hard get out of. 

I put together some hot points when it comes to financial abundance. As you read the list below, know that I have checked off several myself. It may be uncomfortable to read some of these. The ones that irritate you the most are the ones that are active inside of you and are begging for your attention.

It may be uncomfortable to face these beliefs and patterns. But would you rather waste your creative life energy on fears about money (that may not even belong to you) for the rest of your life? This is very similar to going to the dentist. We don’t particularly enjoy the visit, but we don’t want the toothache either.

1) Difficulty receiving and feeling obligated to return the favor

Receptivity is a feminine quality. Men and women can both receive and give, you don’t have to be female to receive. Receiving is also vulnerable. We are admitting the presence of a need when we receive. This is one of the reasons why it tends to get entangled with trust.

If receiving is a challenge for you, there might be a fear that the person who is offering you kindness (money, love, help, etc.) will ‘take’ from you something you aren’t willing to give. So, you might reject it from the get-go with this unconscious fear in place. You may try to even out the exchange and give something back right away. This button may be on for you if you feel anxiety about how you will return this favor/gift and want to ‘get to it’ sooner than later.

2) Feeling guilty for past mistakes and blocking abundance as a form of self-punishment

We make mistakes and inadvertently hurt others while we are learning how to love. When we start awakening, we become increasingly aware of our past mistakes. It is more like recognizing the impact it might have had on the other person and empathizing with that pain. Seeing ourselves as someone who has the capability to hurt others is not easy. Forgiving ourselves for our shadow is a part of the spiritual path towards wholeness. By forgiving others, we also can let go of the anger we may hold against ourselves. It works both ways.

Once this recognition arrives, the guilt needs to be processed and amends may need to be made. Repressed guilt eventually invites punishment. Even if we don’t know that we are carrying it. Pushing away abundance and self-sabotaging our efforts to stay above water might seem like a good way to balance out karma in our own way.

Instead of holding onto guilt, acknowledge what you know you did wrong, make amends, and make a new decision about how you will be from now on. In a quiet moment, ask for forgiveness from this person and the Universe. When it is asked from the heart, it is given. Trust this and set yourself free.

3) Not being willing to forgive who have hurt or wronged you

Lack of forgiveness locks our hearts up. We manifest the fastest when we ask through the heart, with honesty and humility. Forgiveness is not easy. Especially if the hurt was deep. But it costs us big time. Literally.

Our hearts are the gateway into the divine. When we close that off, we cut off our own flow of abundance (in any form). Think about who you can forgive the easiest and let the process begin by first asking for it and genuinely wanting it. Let go of when and how it will happen. Just be willing and keep repeating your intention regularly, “I am willing to forgive John Doe for his x,y,z behavior”. It’s a great place to start. Trust that once the genuine intention is there, you will be shown the way.

4) Feeling resentful of others’ success and abundance

You may or may not buy into this idea but on a soul level, we are all connected. Our minds are one. What we give is what we receive. What we think about others, we think about ourselves. When we feel jealous or resentful of someone else’s gifts, social status, clothes, etc., we can choose to use that consciously to recognize that there is an unfulfilled longing in us. There is an immense gift in that piece of information. Yet, when we fail to take that projection back and own our needs, it can turn into a block in our consciousness that prevents abundance from coming in.

Here is a different perspective you might want to consider: The other person having that thing (experience, relationship, house, etc) only increases your chances of having that or a version of it. Because now, it exists on the earth plane. It has been done. We can model them and learn from them. This doesn’t take anything away from them. Wish them well. Bless them.

In Huna (Hawai’ian spiritual tradition), it is suggested that one of the the quickest ways to manifest something you want is to bless everything and everyone who has/represents that. If you want a good relationship, bless the couples you see kissing, holding hands or displaying affection in some form. It will come to you faster. The same goes with money. If we want to increase financial flow, we need to stop making negative comments about ‘rich people’. It sends out an energy of resentment. We will not let ourselves be or have what we condemn in others. It is like saying, “That food is rotten” and eating it. Would you do it?

5) Associating money with self-worth and not feeling worthy or deserving

This one’s a biggie for most of us. During the times when I was at my lowest low financially, I also didn’t feel loved. I expected it to come from the outside and when it did, I just couldn’t receive it.

The truth is, there isn’t one person more precious or valuable in the eyes of the divine. Everyone is worthy of love and abundance. Research and find ways to increase your sense of self-worth. Affirm what you appreciate about yourself. Make some simple changes in your daily life that can make a big impact – such as: smiling more, saying ‘thank you’ more, doing good deeds for others, keeping a gratitude journal, taking time for extra self-care, etc. Small things add up. Pennies add up to dollars, then to thousands, then to millions.

6) Financial scarcity is a sign of spiritual scarcity

I have found that when we are not letting ourselves be filled with the beauty of life, meaningful connections, nature, creativity, etc., we feel out of the loop of abundance that rests right outside our door. We get so busy trying to have, be, and do for ourselves that we forget that there is so much more to receive from life.

Start by noticing what there is plenty of around you. When you are in the shower, say, “There’s plenty of water”. When you are at a park say, “There are plenty of trees and flowers”, etc. It will get the ball rolling. Train your mind to notice and appreciate the abundance around you.

7) Having a self-identity as a “spiritual person” and choosing to struggle

There is an outdated belief that runs in the human psyche and that is: money is evil and if you are spiritual you should be poor. If that was true (the belated) beloved Louise Hay would not have owned one of the most successful publishing houses in the world (Hay House Publishing).

Money is energy in paper form. What’s more spiritual than energy? That is what we are made of!

I discovered that lack of money is about a feeling of deprivation. It’s not just about the numbers in our bank account.

I invite you to explore some of these ideas:

How do you feel deprived in life? Do you lack close, meaningful relationships? Is that why not having a lot of money matters?

Do you struggle with self-love? Would you be willing to practice being more loving to yourself more to increase your financial flow?

What does money buy? 

Think about it: It buys comfort, variety, happiness (in certain ways) fun, etc. Are we really not capable of reaching these feeling states without money? I know we are.

At any given moment, we have access to a full range of emotions. For instance, I can be laughing with my friend and in a split second can feel enraged by a man beating a dog with a stick. Just like that! I can be in a depressed mood and have a friend call me to tell me about a funny experience she had and I can start laughing.

Money can buy comforts, for sure and even make these feelings easier to experience. But not always. Everyone hurts. Everyone has losses that take time to recover from. Money doesn’t erase the potential of getting hurt.

Let these ideas roll around in your mind. Pick one or two that resonate and work with them.

Where does this belief come from? Can you find evidence for the opposite of it being true?

Just because we picked up a belief when we were six years-old doesn’t mean that we have to carry it around till we are sixty. We create the quality of our lives. Examining what isn’t working and why is a great place to start increasing that quality.

We all deserve to have an abundance of love, connections, joy, creativity, and adventures. With or without a dollar sign on it. It’s available to every one of us. We just have to remove what is in the way.