Ways We Give Our Power Away

There are a few things I learned for sure on this journey that I want to share. Two things matter more than anything: Personal Power and Heart Healing.

Power is important because it is our "gas" that animates our 3D experience. It is about how much God power we can harness, access, contain, and create. It is Not power-over, it is power with and power within. This is a complex concept to grasp- it was for me. I am still learning the balance.

People who have experienced powerlessness usually don't know what it is, or what to do with it. Power struggles happen when we have not found our own power that doesn't involve someone else. Power struggles also block our hearts.

External factors can increase our power depending on what we do with them. I recently saw a comment on a Facebook post that read, "Money is evil. Why do we have workshops teaching us to have more?"

I try not to comment very often but I couldn't help this one. My opinion on money is this: Money is as evil as a person makes it. This is similar to people saying, "Guns kill people". People kill people. People made guns to kill people they cannot overpower. Money can be used to feed the homeless. Or it can be used to buy those guns to kill people, build factories that kill the planet, or poison kids by selling them drugs (thus, killing their souls slowly).

Powerlessness cannot be overcome by buying more power by exchanging something that belongs to us (love, sex, kindness, dignity, etc).

I did NOT start healing until I owned how I was exchanging pieces of me (that I was used to doing) for safety, for recognition, for love, for attraction from a man, or to gain sympathy from women who wanted to scratch my eyes out. I turned in my authenticity and true feelings for revenge or to find safety from being homeless.

I also started paying attention to how else I was giving my power away.

Believing that I couldn't do big things was one. Those big things involved giving up bad habits, giving up resentments that I was holding onto to remind me of the knives on my back or hiding my gifts in order to not ruffle feathers. Sure, also going on Oprah. But I knew that without cleaning up my act, I couldn't keep my head up high while talking to her.

This is also the reason why I am cleaning up my act within- partly sharing my background as well as my gifts. So that I don't disrespect my Higher Power (a.k.a. God) by hiding my gifts as well as my messy evolution. Peacocks are not made to hide their feathers. Cheetahs aren't made to run behind sheep. When they do, they disrespect the soul who came with those powers. That is just power. Not power over. Power within.

You know, we are all beginners at this. The people we look up to in life have mastered this. That is why we are inspired by them. These teachings are not comfortable to recognize and even harder to integrate into our lives.

One of my goals in this life is not to collect any more karma. It is not an easy goal at all. Trust me, if I don't feed my Higher Self, my ego will get hungry for power. So, I pray a lot. This is the same for everyone. This is also how I can see how much power someone has access to. Their own innate power (i.e. the Cheetah).

I am not perfect. Far from it, in fact.

But I CANNOT wait to be perfect to shine. I cannot wait to be 100% healed to start making a sound that says, "I am here. I can help. Don't suffer alone anymore!"

I may be a Cheetah that has been pretending to be a house cat. You may be a Peacock, keeping her feathers in a bun. Is this what we want?

Thoughts to ponder as we are learning and growing...