How to change the energy of a day that starts badly

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I woke up around my usual time this morning but with a bad dream this time. Even though I couldn’t remember the dream, I had a strong emotional reaction to it. Whatever it was, it made me feel like I had gotten up from the wrong side of the bed. I felt like crap and couldn’t shake it off for over an hour.

I had about 14 hours of awake time and I didn’t want to spend all of it carrying this mood around. I decided to go to my favorite coffee shop.

Before I left home, I asked the Universe to give me an opportunity to help someone. I asked to be used in the service of good when I was out and about. I trusted that whatever task I was going to be assigned to was going to be exactly what I needed as well. Setting this intention alone made me feel lighter and loosened the grip of the constriction around my heart. By the time I was getting onto the highway, I started feeling an anticipatory excitement. I wondered how my day was going to change and who I was going to get to meet. My inner joy barometer was already pointing towards optimistic and I hadn’t even done my good deed yet!

About ten miles away from the coffee shop, I spotted a young woman, holding a baby and talking on the phone while standing next to a car with the blinkers on.  I guessed that her car had broken down. She wasn’t hitchhiking but it was raining and I felt the need to find out if they needed a ride. I made a quick U-turn and found out that she was trying to get her boyfriend to leave work so they could get back home. She said that she felt unsafe hitchhiking with her baby. I would, too! So I offered to give them a ride. She took her stuff from the car, locked it up and off we went.

After I dropped her off, I felt like a hero. I think that if there was one person on this planet who could cry from someone’s expression of deep gratitude, it would have been me. Here I was, doing something as simple as taking a fifteen-minute detour on my way to a coffee shop, she treated me as if I was an angel dropped from heaven. Who helped who here?

Best way to move through a crappy mood: Offer yourself up for the greater good and accept whatever form it takes.