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When I sit down to channel, I ground, say a prayer and get my human self out of the way. I am invested in you receiving what you need, through me, and that is my only intention. 

The one-question reading is usually one to three paragraphs long. The three-question readings are usually one to one and a half pages long.

I will email you the reading within 24 hours (depending on the time zone difference). Sometimes within a few hours if I have the availability. 

***You can ask a follow-up question for additional clarification on the same topic for no extra charge.***

How it works:

Please type up your question as if you were telling a close friend about the issue that is troubling you. Give me as much detail as you can (preferably, at least 4-5 sentences for each question). This helps me plug into the energy. In response to your questions, I get the current likelihoods and how they relate to your personal and spiritual growth. “Will I marry Jason?” will not elicit a direct response but more of an analysis of the possibility as it is.  

An ideal question (that you will get the most out of) will be something like:

“I have been struggling with career choices all my life. I’ve had many jobs but I end up getting fired or lose interest in a few months. I have done career counseling and they suggested that I would be good at teaching but I have no idea what I would want to teach. How can I get out of this dilemma?”

I look forward to channeling for you!

– Banu

“Oh my gosh, Banu!  This is moving, informative and exceedingly helpful.  I feel that I’ve finally given myself permission to be – ME.  Feeling relieved, loved, excited, kind of vindicated and released. Much love and appreciation”. 

-K.D. (Colorado)

“I don’t know how to thank you! Every sentence I read, I felt as if I was looking at myself in the mirror for the first time. A little bit of excitement, a little bit of fear. I will read it many more times. I got the messages I have been waiting for, for a very long time. Thank you with all my heart”. 

-N.A. (Istanbul, Turkey)

” This is amazing in so many ways. It resonates with me very deeply. I have been in tears each time I have read it… five times so far.”

-G.L. (California)

“When, three years ago, I was at the end of my rope with my last boyfriend (issues around trust and honesty), and reached out to Banu for a reading. Not only were the insights spot-on for my exact situation, alluding to things that Banu knew nothing about. I felt upheld and deeply loved. When I finished reading, I knew what to do: I packed up and left my boyfriend.

Since then, I have come into my own, more than ever before. That night sparked a journey of a lifetime--or at least that's how it still looks, three years later. And I never even had to lose the love and friendship I shared with my now-ex boyfriend, who I call "the best ex-boyfriend ever." The love and friendship merely changed shape to make room for amazing new love from and to others and for myself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Banu, for that reading and, more recently, for the two other readings that have helped me, as major stepping-stones along my way. You have a gift.”

-J.K. (San Francisco, CA)