What does a coach do? 

A coach is someone who:

*Helps you see the patterns that produce results you aren’t particularly happy with and help you upgrade them to ones that will bring your desired results,

*Directs you to resources that expand your awareness and understanding of your unique process (thus empowering you on your journey),

*Shares tools, techniques, and strategies that facilitate your healing and growth with more ease, reduce wasted time and frustration,

*Assists you in recognizing and owning your power and instills trust in your own decision-making abilities,

*Helps you uncover your authentic self and build a life congruent with the truths you unearth,

…..and holds a space for all of with compassion and a sense of service.

What coaching is and isn’t

Coaching is teamwork. It requires your intention and participation. Information by itself does not create change when we don’t know how to use it. I will offer you tools that will support your process. I will help you see new perspectives that expand the way you perceive yourself, your “issue” and life in general. This is my half. Your half is showing up and being willing.

What is intuitive coaching?

When we work together, other than my education and my personal experiences, I rely on something intangible, yet very real: intuitive guidance.

For instance, if you chose email coaching, as I read your emails, certain sentences will highlight themselves and I know where to focus on as I respond. I feel the energetic charge in it. Something similar happens when we are on the phone. This prevents us from wasting time and beating around the bush. By being open to intuitive guidance when I work with you, I get to offer you the best of what I have access to- what goes beyond my abilities and experiences but includes them and uses them.

What kind of issues fall under the scope of coaching?

There is a saying floating around in the personal growth world, “Do what’s in front of you”. That is all we can do, really. We can only work with what is currently on our plate and that is more than enough to help us get to next the thing we will need to work on. The layers reveal themselves. 

I believe that the issues that you are currently struggling with are spiritual assignments leading you to your core self, the essence of who you are. Whatever motivates you to make an appointment with me is exactly where we would start.

Why is coaching helpful?

Perception is everything! This, I believe, above all truths. The challenge we all face is that it is very hard to develop a new perspective and implement it into our lives when we are unaware of the patterns, beliefs, and stories that we are living in. In other words, we are like fish in water. This is why we need external help.

When we work together, I am that extra set of eyes and ears that see and hear what you may not be able to due to the mental state you are temporarily in. I am also someone who has had her own share of life’s challenges and I incorporate the wisdom I have gathered into my work. I can help you recognize the pitfalls, self-defeating patterns and when you are about to turn a corner in your life. I am your ally, cheerleader, and trainer all in one.

My promise to you:

I can help you move through what you are struggling with right now. I guarantee you, that door will take you to your empowerment, abundance and a deep knowing of your purpose here.

You can do it. You don’t have to do it alone.