“When I reached out to you initially, I was feeling so lost and upset and directionless. I can honestly tell you that’s not the case anymore.  I don’t have the same worry and fears that were holding me down before. For awhile, I kept waiting for the old, negative energy to come back, but it hasn’t. I feel much lighter than I’ve felt in years. Honestly, at times it almost feels like a “high” feeling because I think I had gotten so used to living with that low energy. So, to have that lifted is such an incredible feeling. My outlook and sense of well-being have markedly improved. I truly appreciate the help you’ve provided me with!”

-C.H. (New Jersey)


“I have had an addiction for a very long time. NOBODY knows about it. Today I am 9 days free (a record). That would have never happened if I didn’t work on getting that splinter out. It’s truly amazing to be able to live in my skin. Thank you for this!” 

-D. Y.  (California)


“I am not the most trusting person but my gut told me you were the one who I could bare my soul to and could help me heal.  And I was right! So thank you, thank you!!!”

-F.R (Oregon)     

“I am moved by what you are able to interpret from what I tell you. So, this is refreshing for me, in a sense I feel validated. I have longed for some kind of recognition and help in understanding myself. You are a gift. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

-B.U.  (New York)


“I have journaled after reading articles you have written that resonated with me… and I felt completely drawn to you in a way I cannot explain… you were helping me before you even knew it. Again… words cannot express my gratitude to you”.

-J.G (Colorado)


“Our call was way awesome. You are what I need and have been looking for. Thank you for doing what you do. I appreciate your soul gift!”

-A.M. (Connecticut)


“…I can see how far I’ve come. I feel in a wonderfully balanced, joyous state. And when I feel lost I can find it again. It’s been a very good year. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help me get here. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

-L.K. (Canada)


“Banu, I am following up on our session on Tuesday– thank you SO MUCH – I do feel better!!! For the first time, in a long time, I feel “at peace” with myself and not searching for something that is missing”.

-B.M (Minnesota)


“I am actually in a better place than I have been in in a long time.  I used to wake up every morning and going to bed every night thinking and being in pain over M.  I feel like I am getting my life back.  You have helped me more than you know.  I feel more at peace than I have in a long time.  I prayed for so many years to have the pain taken from me.  I know God directed me to you so I could get over this”. 

-D.P. (feedback after one month of email coaching)


“Banu, you are a very special spirit and again I am incredibly grateful to you for your kindness, compassion, and deep wisdom with regard to finding our joy and finding peace”.

-J.G. (Colorado)


“When I came to you first it was because J. and I were in such a strange place and I could not get my head around what to do with where we were. He and I are now in a great place. Since the beginning of April we’ve stopped “therapizing” (to use your phrase) each other and are just listening, feeling and being there. We stopped talking for a couple of weeks but more recently are back in contact and it’s awesome”.

-T.E. (London)


“Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me over the past month.  You’ve provided me with tools that have guided me through a very difficult time. You’re a beautiful gift to all those that are lucky enough to work with you.”

– J.G. 


“…But overall I am feeling much better about the situation- strangely…I met the person my friend has been dating and did not feel jealous at all…quite the opposite actually. That was VERY surprising. So something seems to have shifted on a deep level, which I am really grateful for.”

-J.S. (Ireland)


“I am just writing to wish you well and thank you again for the sessions as they played a huge part in helping me get back on track. My horse is so much happier and we are both doing better now that I have cut all ties with those who were bringing me down. Thank you again and take care!”



“Banu, I feel the strongest bond to these emails and you and feel they have enormous power to unlock my full potential. I’ve unlocked so much with you already, so conscious and aware of things I was afraid of before. I now feel I can, and have started actually changing my non-serving habits, which surprises and annoys my ego every day! “

T.E. (London)


“I would love to work with you again in future, should the opportunity arise to do so. I found your approach to be incredibly warm and comforting as well as just generally being friendly and getting the sense that you did genuinely want the best for me, something I haven’t always felt with every healer or whoever that I’ve worked with”.

-M.B (Australia)


“You are an inspiration, and just brought me some hope. It was important for me to hear about your struggle of 6 months and the enormous risk you took in picking up your life and changing it so radically. Most of my therapists in the past rarely shared their human side and experiences which always made me wonder if they really understood pain, depression, and desperation. I think that the fact that you have “been there done that” helps me feel more connected to speaking to someone that does actually get what this is all about. I truly appreciate you and your time”.  

– A.G (Texas)


“I feel so redundant sometimes with the thank you’s, but I can’t say it enough.  I think you must sense how grateful I am. Feeling understood and FINALLY getting some real tools to work with, has given me hope that I haven’t felt in years.”

-B.U (New York)


“Banu is . . . The Catalyst for Action! For those of us caught in the eddy of our own ideas, Banu takes you from thinking about getting-what-you-want to actually DOING it, and she makes it all so easy. Banu has an incredible skill set that rocks both sides of the brain: she’s perceptive, logical, highly intuitive, creative, focused, and wicked smart. Thank you, Banu! Your contribution to my life has created an ongoing ripple of effective focus and action.”

-S.G. (Seattle)


“…You have a warm, creative, sincere, flexible and supportive style of working, which I really appreciated. You helped me find strength within myself. Keep doing what you are doing!”

– G.S. (Croatia)


“Hi Banu, I wanted to tell you that when you mentioned last week, how it seems like I have a great support network of family and friends…I absolutely agree, and it includes you. Thanks for everything the last few months. Your insight, wisdom, and empathy have been so great, and I look forward to having you on my journey.”

– A.W.  (New York)


 “Coach Banu has been a wonderful find, she has helped me dowse for my own well of inspiration and focus. After years of slogging through as a reluctant business owner, I have a better sense of clarity and renewed purpose. She has helped me help myself by gaining a more spacious perspective about how to create a support team instead of doing it alone on my own.”

-L.C. (Seattle)


“I wanted to thank you so much for all your help…  It has really meant a lot to me to be able to open up to someone who has real-life experience with the turmoil of being human. You are truly a good soul.  Thank you for all you have done in our time together.”

– F.D. (Chicago)


“What I appreciated most was your sensitive guidance, opening to greater awareness, and the generous tools you provided to us to continue our self-care and professional growth. Thank you!”

– J.R. (Seattle)