During our session, I will tune into your energy to receive intuitive guidance from your guides to offer solutions, help you gain an expanded perspective about the issues at hand, and to assist you in achieving mental and emotional shifts.  

I will blend the guidance that comes from your guides with effective strategies and tools that can help you make lasting changes. These will expand your toolbox as you to continue growing and expanding. We will zoom into the core of the issue at hand to reach for faster but sustainable shifts.

Available by phone or Skype.

* 30 min: $75               

* One-hour: $150

Coaching Packages:

* One-month Coaching Package: Four one-hour sessions by phone or Skype with email support between sessions. $595

* Two-month Coaching Package: Eight one-hour sessions by phone or Skype with email support between sessions. $995

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Please contact me directly for custom coaching packages.



Our inner child holds the secrets to our life purpose. When we go through trauma as kids, a part of us splits off and freezes in that age of trauma. We start operating in “safe mo­­­­de” (in computer language). This is one of the reasons why people struggle with finding a life purpose. The part of them that carries that divine seed is split from their conscious awareness.

With multiple traumas, it can be very difficult to build a creative life while dealing with the effects of trauma daily. The magnetic pull of the wounded parts tends to block or even sabotage healing and growth opportunities. This creates immense frustration for individuals as well as helping strengthen the victim consciousness in them. In time, they learn to believe that this is who they are, which of course is not true.

We can help this part re-access who s/he was before the trauma happened. After this process, implementing changes that support your happiness and programming new, empowering beliefs will be much easier.

One-Hour Session: $150

Four one-hour sessions: This is recommended to help grow and integrate the seed we recover. Re-building your inner life with this new part will require steady cultivation while removing the beliefs and identities that you took on to fill its void. $595 (with email support in between sessions)



Each session is customized to the needs of the person. These sessions are designed to find the source of the issue you present with and heal the story at the core.

This work is done on a spiritual level and can clear the source of long-term patterns as well as the energetic causes for emotional patterns.

Note: I am not the one doing the healing. I act as a hollow bone for what you need to come through. Trust that you will get exactly what you need. 

* One-Hour: $150

* Four One-hour Energy Healing Sessions: This is a great option if you wish to integrate new thought patterns and behaviors and transform your life in a way that is sustainable. It involves plucking out those splinters that are like weeds in the garden of your soul. Email support will help you get out of those ditches (old pattern templates) that you might otherwise stay in longer. You will create new patterns while you are releasing the old. $595



Some relationships are based on a traumatic bond which involves our deepest inner child wound. The purpose is to bring out the wound for it to be healed. In these cases, we are bonded to someone due to the similarity of the energy patterns they carry that feel like a near-perfect match to one or both of our parents.

In a healing session, we release the traumatic attachment between the inner children of the couple to free them up to find their own wholeness. We will be led through the journey of connecting and communicating with that part of you in a way that transcends time, space, and dimension. The unhealthy attachment gets released while the love stays intact on a soul level. This frees you up from a pattern that you might have felt captive in.

One-Hour Session: $150 (Includes customized aftercare and guidance by email)



My readings are comprehensive and inherently include details on how you can use them to improve your life. I relay what I receive as it comes with compassion and empathy. My goal is to pull the information you need from the possibilities that you have co-created and work with them. I read with an open heart and with the intention of bringing in what your soul needs for your highest good.

30 min: $75

One-Hour: $150



These emails are quite different than the daily exchanges we have throughout the day. The content is focused on exploring and healing your story. We use these emails to detect patterns and to give you a platform to become intimate with them.

Just the same way it happens with intuitive coaching on the phone, I feel the charge in certain sentences that you have written in your email. My responses come from your guides to share wisdom that can help you see yourself, your relationships, patterns, and life in a more empowered way. The emails will facilitate change in you as you read, respond to and engage with them.

Note: If you are going through a rough patch and have been dealing with the pattern(s) for a long time, I highly recommend the one-month intensive package.

*Four weekly emails: $495 (8 emails total) 

*One-month Intensive: $975 (16 emails total).  

~*~ I respond to coaching emails within 24-48 hours depending on the time zone and my availability (or as soon as I can).

Benefits of email coaching:

I) There is immense transformation potential in written word. Writing engages both sides of our brain, which allows for faster processing.

II) The process of writing your feelings, thoughts, and experiences reduce their charge and lead to powerful personal insights and an empowered sense of connection to yourself. Having someone witness and respond to them massively increase their healing capacity.

III) Emailing can offer a sense of anonymity, which allows people to share their thoughts and feelings that they find more difficult to express in person.

IV) You can read the emails as many times you need to, print them out, take notes on them, and refer back to them. You can deeply engage with the material in a variety of ways and make it your own.


I connect with the energy of your guides through automatic writing. The guidance that comes through is clear and loving. In three-question readings your guides will weave the information together -even if they seem irrelevant- to offer an expanded view of what you are experiencing. 

These readings can provide immense depth and reveal different facets of the diamond that you are. The messages are loving, supportive, insightful, and will give you the bigger picture you are working within. Understanding why things are happening and how we can make the best use of our “problems” to grow can significantly change the game of life for us.

* One question: $25    

* Three-questions: $75

Please click here for details on channeled readings.

Feel free to contact me with your questions. 

I look forward to working with you!



“I leave for New Zealand in less than two weeks! I am just writing to wish you well and thank you again for the sessions as they played a huge part in helping me get back on track.  Everything you told me in the reading last year has been 100% correct. My horse is so much happier and we are both doing better now that I have cut all ties to those who were bringing me down. Thank you again and take care!!”

-B.M. (Minnesota)

“I am not the most trusting person but my gut told me you were the one who I could bare my soul to and could help me heal.  And I was right! So thank you, thank you!!!”

-F.R (Oregon)

“…But overall I am feeling much better about the situation- strangely…I met the person my friend has been dating and did not feel jealous at all…quite the opposite actually. That was VERY surprising. So something seems to have shifted on a deep level, which I am really grateful for.”

-J.S. (London)

“I have journaled after reading articles you have written that resonated with me… and I felt completely drawn to you in a way I cannot explain… you were helping me before you even knew it. Again… words cannot express my gratitude to you”.

-J.G. (Colorado)